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Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

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Oriental and area rugs are quickly becoming the new trend in home decorating. And with more and more homeowners replacing carpet with tile and wood flooring it has become an essential item to maintain a feeling of comfort in homes. However, these rugs get soiled just as carpet does. Many times, it is difficult to clean the rugs in home, so most clients call us to clean them in our facility. We are proud to boast the new state-of-the-art rug cleaning system, the only one in the area. Your oriental and area rugs can be picked up and cleaning at our facility utilizing our new state-of-the-art cleaning system. We apply a stringent cleaning process to ensure that your valuable oriental and area rugs are cleaned to perfection in a safe, gentle manner.


Each rug is inspected as it arrives in our facility. We examine all areas of the rug including the fringe, main body, and the edges. In the event that there is any damage, we are able to protect it from further damage during cleaning. We also determine the type of fiber and the most efficient method to clean your rug.


All rugs hold a certain amount of insoluable soils meaning soiling that cannot be dissolved by water. That includes lint, pet dander, hair, carpet freshners, etc. Most of these soils are not removed from the rug during normal vacuuming. If those soils are not eliminated prior to cleaning, they will remain in the rug. After the inspection is performed, the rug is turned upside down on a metal grid, and the technician begins the dusting process. Our equipment gently pulsates the rug, removing the insoluable soils and depositing them in the metal grid. Once this process is complete, the rug is then ready for cleaning.


If regular steam cleaning is not powerful enough to thoroughly clean your rug, we clean it in our new "wash pit" .This enables us to submerge the rug in three to four inches of water and carefully roll it to ensure that it is saturated. At this point, we add our cleaning agent and gently brush it into the rug. Each rug is tested for colorfastness before submersion, and we only use cleaning solutions that are safe and designed specifically for your type of rug.


Once removal of all soils is complete, we begin a process of adding fresh water to the wash pit and remove all soiled water. All of these pollutants are drawn away and pumped out of the wash pit leaving nothing but clean, clear water and a thoroughly washed and rinsed area rug.

Drying and Detailing

After all other procedures are complete, we raise your rug up out of the wash pit and hang it on our custom drying tower. We carefully position each rug for the drying equipment to remove all of the moisture as efficiently as possible. After your rug is thoroughly dried, we perform a post-cleaning inspection to ensure that it is as clean as possible. If it does not meet our standards, we start the process all over again.

Once the rug has been cleaned and is ready to go home, we roll it up and wrap it in a cellophane to avoid soiling during transport. The rug can either be picked up at our facility or delivered to your home, whichever is more convenient for you. We offer free pick up and delivery when are cleaning three or more rugs.

Urine Treatment

If required, your rug will be treated for urine and the pH will be stabilized before submersion cleaning. Keep in mind that while the odor is typically easier to remove, pet stains and the resulting damage is sometimes irreversible.

We offer FREE pick up and delivery.
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