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Carpet and Area Rug Cleaning

Commercial properties and facilities can receive a high amount of daily foot traffic. Dirt tracked in and deposited in carpets and area rugs can be highly abrasive and leave distinct visible patterns, damaging carpet and area rug fibers. Steamatic's cleaning method of hot-water soil extraction removes dirt and particles all the way to the base of the fiber. We provide customers with the highest level of service and offer convenient after-hours cleaning options.

The Steamatic hot water extraction cleaning process is effective for any type facility. Our process cleans without soaps or harsh chemicals, so no residue is left in your carpet.

Furniture Cleaning

Next to flooring, a facility's furniture gets the toughest workout. Ground-in dirt, spills, odors, pet dander and dust can make upholstery look dull and aged. Professional cleaning by Steamatic can breathe new life into furniture. Steamatic professionals can safely remove dirt and contaminants without damaging fibers. Conveniently, furniture can often be cleaned in place without being removed from the facility.

At Steamatic, we are committed to offering customers the most innovative equipment and distinctive services in the industry. Steamatic has your cleaning and restoration needs covered.